These Molded Trees Grow Into Fully Formed Chairs, Tables, And Lamps
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Making wooden furniture from scratch is a complicated process: you grow a tree for 60 or more years, only to chop it down, peel off its bark, cut it up into little pieces, and then finally join it all back together into a whole new shape. When such furniture is mass-manufactured, the process is hard on the environment. It wastes wood, and uses lots of energy for powering trucks, chainsaws, and factories.

Gavin Munro, a furniture designer based in Derbyshire, England, has found a simpler and more eco-friendly way to create wooden furniture: he uses specially designed plastic frames to mold young willow, oak, ash and sycamore trees into the shape of chairs, tables, frames, or lamps as they’re growing. Once they’ve matured, each tree has morphed into a fully functional furniture item made from a single piece of wood, no sawing or assembling necessary. Munro’s company, called Full Grown, aims to “rethink our relationship with trees and time,” as the designer writes in an email.

Full Grown is currently tending a small furniture forest of 400 trees in a field north of Derby. “If we wa…………… continues on Co.Design

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nigel coates conceives furniture for castello di pontentino in tuscany
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apr 10, 2015

nigel coates conceives furniture for castello di pontentino in tuscany

nigel coates conceives furniture for castello di pontentino in tuscany

situated in southern tuscany, among the slopes of monte amiata is castello di potentino — an historic castle that occupies a commanding position with the ravine below it, and the vineyards surrounding it. while the idea of a fortress is often considered as something of fantasies, castello di potentino is slightly different, and stands as its own living entity. rather than focusing on defense, the establishment seeks to nourish the souls of those that visit it.

‘potentino’ chair and table within the historic castello di pontentino  

exploring its rich history, designer and curator nigel coates has partnered with castello di potentino to envision a family of objects that reflects the notion of the ’21st century castle’. comprised of furniture, lighting, tableware and f…………… continues on Designboom

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