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In some respects The Pine Store is the opposite of an Ikea: not spacious, tidy and slick like the big box furniture retailer, but small and a little cluttered, with Newfoundland folk music bleating thinly out of computer speakers. Brothers Jim and Doug Howie own and run the store in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood, where an influx of upper middle-class families has created a healthy demand for custom furniture, from simple side tables and bookcases up to more complicated jobs like vanities, and beds with drawers underneath for extra storage (a popular item locally thanks to the notoriously tiny floor plans of older Toronto homes).

The whole notion of custom-made furniture sounds expensive but it doesn’t have to be. The Pine Store might not resemble an Ikea but it can certainly compete on price: $ 388 for a barn board cabinet that would work well as a TV stand, for example, or $ 788 for a seven-foot maple dining table. The Howie brothers keep overhead low and source everything through a network of builders in Southern Ontario,…………… continues on MoneySense

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