195 Things: Route 177 Flea Market serves casual, frequent bargain buyers
News from Fall River Herald News:

TIVERTON — There are only two kinds of people who go to flea markets, three if you count the people doing the selling.

Of the two groups not selling there is, first of all, a group of people who go to flea markets the way other folks go to ballgames or to museums. For these folks, flea market attendance is a hobby, a passion and a place to buy a lot of life’s necessities.

The second group comprises those people who are off work and are looking for something to do. This group doesn’t care if they buy or not, though they will buy something if they need it or if it’s something they like.

You can tell the two groups apart because members of the first group always know the vendors by name and they are more likely to bargain over price.

At the Route 177 Flea Market, 1560 Bulgarmarsh Road, Tiverton, both groups can be found at an…………… continues on Fall River Herald News

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Hogan critical of O’Malley furniture purchases
News from Maryland Daily Record (subscription):

Gov. Larry Hogan took a swipe at his Democratic predecessor for  buying state-purchased furniture at bargain basement prices.

Martin and Katie O’Malley

In a Facebook post, Hogan criticized the purchase of the furniture by former Gov. Martin O’Malley and his wife just as they were leaving the governor’s mansion.

The O’Malley’s paid $ 9,638 for 54 items — armoires, beds, chairs, desks, lamps, mirrors, ottomans, tables and other pieces — that originally cost the state $ 64,000, according to public records obtained by the Baltimore Sun.

The purchase, and a smaller one by Republican former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, have been forwarded to the state ethics commission for review.

The paper went on to report that O’Malley and his wife, Baltimore District Court Judge Catherine Curran O’Malley, appear to have skirted rules about the sale of surplus goods, including a rule barring the preferential sale of state property, and were able to have all of the property declared as junk on the same day the family moved out of Government House.

Two of the items purchased were armoires for…………… continues on Maryland Daily Record (subscription)

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